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Caitlyn will be graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting in May 2021. 


As a theatre artist, Caitlyn is passionate about creating work the promotes empathy and connectivity. She is inspired by Black theatre activists' Anti-Racist work currently restructuring how we do theatre. She is committed to equality and justice of marginalized people.


She is also a trained singer and dancer. Her training allows her to explore multiple aspects of theatre. She is interested in intimacy choreography and dramaturgy. 


As a Queer Indian woman, she hopes to promote diversity and inclusion in her work. Her goal is to have a career that continues to bring more representation to the stage and behind the scenes of theatre, that looks like the world around her.


She believes in the goodness of people and wants to live a life of love and joy that she shares through her art. 

Hunting and Gathering Play - Ari19-3428.

"You cannot be what you cannot see."

Marian Wright Edelman

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